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Located in Kiley Gardens, Tampa, FL, Recurrence is a light installation that evokes the tidal flow of the Hillsborough River through programmable kinetic LEDs. Comprised of a grid of 84 LED light beacons that illuminate in a compressed rhythm, paralleling the tides of the Hillsborough River, the installation reflects how the organic qualities of nature can interplay through technology and create a new context and perception within a familiar site. The grid pattern is based on the 12-hour tide timetable of this particular week, of this particular year, while the animation of light is created through the organic interpretation of fluid dynamics, diurnal time measurements and the local environment of the riverfront.

Robin Nigh
Project Manager
Melissa LeBaron
Music Composition
Owen Clayton Condon
Lighting Consultant
RGBLights, Brett Gardner
Dan Sullivan
Matt May
City of Tampa, FL

84 intelligent LED light fixtures, acrylic rods, steel base

Kiley Gardens, Curtis Hixson Waterfront Park | Tampa, FL