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Skywall is inspired by high elevation clouds, which are composed almost entirely of ice crystals, which melt into rain while descending into lower atmospheres. Based on this natural process, Luftwerk suspended 60 blocks of ice in the form of a half circle and placed a crescent shaped pond underneath the ice blocks to collect the melt water. Each block of ice encapsulated translucent fabric, capturing a two-channel video projection of rolling clouds.  As the ice melted, its ‘rain’ fell upon thin metal discs — or ‘pond-lilies’ — and each disc was equipped with a sound signal receiver that released melodic tones with each drop. Despite the installations massive scale, (nine tons, 40’ x 30’) its appearance conveyed a space of serenity in suspension.

Bill Bartolotta
Daniel Morehouse
Ty Russell
Jim Nadeau
Sound Engineer
Todd Carter

4 channel video installation, 60 blocks of ice, sound activated

Private Commission