Luminous Field | Millennium Park


Luminous Field, Millennium Park, Chicago, IL 

Luminous Field
transformed the Millennium Park into a digital canvas of motion, light, and geometrical form as the first site-specific video and sound installation in the park. The ten-day installation illuminated Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate and the AT&T Plaza, with dramatic images and colors set to music composed by Owen Clayton Condon. The work comprised of projections that video-mapped the tiles of the plaza creating a digital mosaic. Inspired by Italian marble floors, the tessellation patterns, the digital mosaic added a new, contemporary layer to the work. Animation of the video composition became an informal hopscotch as visitors tried to anticipate the movement and follow along. The projections interacted with the reflective surface of Cloud Gate in a new, altered state. The piece, a digital playground for the public, attracted over 65,000 visitors to the park.

Luminous Field
has been featured in Time magazine, the Chicago Tribune, gestaltens’ book Going Public.

Project Manager
Lauren Rosenberg
Technical Director
Liviu Pasare
Technical Support
Music Composition
Owen Clayton Condon
Peter Tsai, Ken Ilio, LAZ
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12 channel video installation

ATT Plaza, Millennium Park, Chicago, IL



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