Lyrical Geometry | Ford House


Bruce Goff, a self-taught, unconventional architect was also a little-known composer. His organic architecture is spotted across the United States yet a group of his compositions for a player piano last had a public performance in 1936. This event, billed as an evening of “Music, Light, and Architecture” celebrated his compositions and architecture. Luftwerk presented an immersive installation alongside a performance by Third Coast Percussion of their arrangements the player piano compositions within the Goff-designed Ford House in Aurora Illinois.

Luftwerk’s design incorporated the music, nature, and architecture in a projection on the circular ceiling of the round house. The projected canopy above the guests animated their visual interpretation including dots from the original player piano rolls, imagery of nature, and a linear abstraction of the slats on the ceiling. Their interpretation accentuated and enlivened the physical and conceptual ideas of Goff as it interacted with the distinct home.

Special thanks to
Sidney Robinson
Third Coast Percussion
Technical Director, Video Documentation
Liviu Pasare
Peter Tsai

3 channel video installation

Bruce Goff – Ford Residence | Aurora, IL

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