Modern Ball | Griffin Court AIC


This celebratory piece was designed for the Architecture & Design Society’s 2014 Modern Ball at the Art Institute of Chicago. As the auxiliary support group of the Architecture and Design department at the Art Institute, the bi-annual Modern Ball is the primary fundraiser to support and celebrate the work of the department. The A&D Society commissioned Luftwerk to create an immersive installation as the backdrop for the evening.

Located in the expansive entrance of the Renzo Piano-designed Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago, Luftwerk used the architecture of the space as a primary inspiration. From the geometry and regular lines within the space, Luftwerk drew correlations to moiré patterns which inspired the work. This temporal piece enlivened the space to choreograph the activities and mood of the evening. In the beginning, sophisticated patterns of black and white lines traced and animated the tall, rectangular panels of the museum’s wall and set the mood for this formal, black-tie event. The design progressed throughout the evening, ending the night with vibrant colored patterns that played alongside the band as a backdrop for dancing.


Additional Luftwerk designed events at Griffin Court, AIC:

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Technical Director
Liviu Pasare
Technical Production
Tom Rossiter, Renata Graw
Special thanks to
Zoe Ryan, Karen Kice, Jennifer Breckner, Jose Gibran Villalobos, and The Board of the Architecture & Design Society, Art Institute of Chicago

7 channel video installation

Griffin Court, Modern Wing, Art Institute of Chicago | Chicago, IL

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