Occurrence of Light | Calgary

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Inspired by the aurora borealis, the phenomena of colored lights shimmering across the night sky, Occurrence of Light mimics the cosmic event. At once a static sculpture and a dynamic composition, the piece is enlivened with compressed rhythms of fluid imagery. 

The video imagery — computer manipulated light refractions in water — is connected to live streaming data of the region’s geomagnetic activity, which influences the speed and color palette of the video. 

The data is provided by the Aurorawatch service and the CARISMA magnetometer network, both of which are operated by the Space Physics group at the University of Alberta. CARISMA is part of the 
“Geospace Observatory” program funded by the Canadian Space Agency. 

Architectural Assistance
Linda Just and Jeremy Olsen
Technology and Fabrication
SACO Technologies
Commissioned by Manulife

Location: 707 Fifth, Manulife Place, Calgary, Canada