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Parallel Perspectives uses color and light interventions to activate and interpret the McCormick House (1952) designed by Mies van der Rohe. This installation heightens the senses and alters the perception while celebrating the mid-Century prefab prototype. The exhibition title refers to the paired prefab sections of the McCormick House, and the works in this show inspired by the conceptual framework of Mies.

The installation includes several works with static and dynamic color relationships, including an immersive light piece that transforms a bedroom, parallel neon light pieces with mirrored effects, pulsing lightboxes, and a colorful glass cube. The visual effects impact the  experiences and spatial perceptions of the viewer throughout the domestic environment.

Part of Bauhaus100, the global anniversary celebrations of the legendary German art school. It continues Luftwerk’s year-long exploration of architecture by Mies, which began with the Barcelona Pavilion and will end with the Farnsworth House.

New City

Executive Director, Elmhurst Art Museum
John McKinnon
Manager of Exhibitions and Collections
Lal Bahcecioglu
John Faier, Peter Tsai
Elmhurst Art Museum Sustaining Fellows Soiree 2018

Dimension of Color
Size: 6’ x 6’ x 5’
Materials: 60 acrylic squares (15”x 15”), 10 colors

One point Perspective Study No 1
Size: 12’ x 8’
Materials: Paint on drywall, RGB LED

Spatial Animation No 1
Triptych Size: 2’6” x 2’6” x 7”
Materials: MDF, RGB LED, acrylic diffuser, color film on clear acrylic

Angle of Reflection
Size: 10’7” x 6’6” x 30”
Materials: 10 acrylic sheets (30” x 30”), 5 x 3’ neon

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