Total Space | Museum für Gestaltung Zürich


Total Space: Landscape is a composition, October 23, 2020 – June 20, 2021

Drawing inspiration from the theories of the Italian Renaissance painter and polymath Leon Battista Alberti Luftwerk applies Alberti’s observations on color and perspective to create an ever-changing, immersive space. Two pigments used in painting that bear the geographical names Naples yellow and Prussian blue were applied to the high walls of the space in precise geometric patterns. And then the room was flooded with light. With these three components alone, Luftwerk creates a vibrant spatial landscape. Light, color, and form fuse to form a whole that, once illuminated, can be contracted or expanded, going through continuous transformations. Combining the two colors with light generates a harmonious and almost meditative effect that alternately defines or blurs our perception of space.

Damian Fopp, Matylda Krzykowski

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