Tree of Light | Central Library Atlanta

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Atlanta, the City in a Forest, is a place of deep roots and rich history. 

As a gathering place for knowledge, this library serves as its heart – its modern Tree of Science – drawing in its community and branching out to others.

Tree of Light is a poem of light expressing interconnected ideas of our appreciation of trees. A sculpture made of text inscribed mirror discs arranged like the leaves on a tree while referencing Marcel Breuer’s original quartet of skylights: four circles of light, poised in the corners of a square.  

The words engraved on the discs are a product of the community, collected through a process of word play and arranged by Atlanta based poet Valerie Respress.

*The Tree of Science, written in 1295 by mystic and philosopher Ramon Llull, was an early version of an encyclopedia format aimed to inform the general public. 

The Fulton County Public Art Collection
Central Library - One Margaret Mitchell Sq Atlanta
Project Architect
Linda Just
Valerie Respress
Fabrication and Installation
The Chicago Flyhouse
Tom Meyer