INsite | Farnsworth House

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Luftwerk casts INsite, as “an exploration of the philosophy of Mies through light.” INsite transformed Mies Van de Rohe’s historic Farnsworth House into a revelatory canvas of light and sound, resulting in a reanimation of our understanding and appreciation of this iconic structure. Visitors were invited to see the site in a unique setting after sunset and experience the exhibit from both the exterior and interior of the house.

Curator’s Statement

Steve Dietz
Project Consultant
Jennifer Harmann
Video Programming
Liviu Pasare
Sound Composition
Owen Clayton Condon
Kate Joyce, Mel and Phil Theobald, Tom Rossiter
Video Documentation
Support provided by
National Trust of Historic Preservation, Northern Lights mn through a NEA media art grant, NEC Display Solution, AVChicago, Studio 3, Hiroko Osaka
Special thanks to
The Farnsworth House, The Mies Society, Goethe-Institut Chicago, 3Arts, Plural and numerous great friends

7 channel video installation
Farnsworth House | Plano, IL