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Exploring the theories and principles of color—its synesthetic relationship with sound and sensibility—and the infinite quality of moving light, three distinct yet interconnected installations transport the viewer into an immersive experience of projected video, light and resonance, all within the individual spaces of the Chicago Rooms at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Upon entering SHIFT, viewers are greeted by a digitized and re-imagined color wheel made of 529 painted panels that, once illuminated, meld into more than 3,174 tones of red, yellow and blue. This mutable continuum called Spectrum features color in interaction with light, varying and mixing to create nearly endless possibilities for color perception.

Viewers who experience Synthesis actively participate in helping shape the installation, as their movements throughout the gallery affect the color patterns of light projected onto the floor.

Threshold playfully challenges our perception by examining how light travels and reflects. Two mirror panels form a 90-degree angle to focus the viewer’s attention at the far end of the gallery. Vertical beams of light meet the mirrored panels, and the light bends, giving the illusion that the gallery walls contain a portal to continuing expansion of the space.


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Greg Lunceford
Sound composition
Owen Clayton Condon
Technical programming
Liviu Pasare
Lighting support
Brett Gardner & Jeremy Getz
Kate Joyce, Peter Tsai
Support provided by
The City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events, as well as a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency through federal funds provided by the National Endowment for the Arts
Special thanks to
Institute for Electronic Arts

Spectrum (19′ x 19′) 529 painted canvas squares, two channel video projection
Synthesis (30′ x 40′) white floor, three color changing LED lights, sound
Threshold (20′ x 6′) mylar, two-channel video projection

Chicago Rooms | Chicago Cultural Center | Chicago, IL