Requiem: A White Wanderer

Requiem: A White Wanderer is an ongoing investigation into the rapid disintegration of the Antarctic ice shelf. Inspired by Larsen-C, a 120-mile long crack along the Antarctic ice shelf that broke into a trillion-ton iceberg in 2017, White Wanderer translates seismic data from an ailing iceberg, connecting this remote place to an emotional artistic experience to deepen public understanding of the connection between climate change and sea level rise.

A musical performance developed in collaboration with Katherine Young Composition by KATHERINE YOUNG; Musicians MYRA HINRICHS (violin); MIN PARK (violin); ALEXANDER ELLSWORTH (cello); LIA KOHL (cello) ; ANTON HATWICH (bass); JENNA LYLE (vocals); RYAN PACKARD (percussion).

An immersive sound installation amplified from the latticed Jay Pritzker Pavilion sound system will allow audiences to experience the way aquatic animals, like whales, might experience a calving iceberg, with the sounds of its disintegration reverberating throughout the ocean. 

In partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and Experimental Sound Studio.

Occurrence of Light | Calgary

Inspired by the aurora borealis, the phenomena of colored lights shimmering across the night sky, Occurrence of Light mimics the cosmic event. At once a static sculpture and a dynamic composition, the piece is enlivened with compressed rhythms of fluid imagery. 

The video imagery — computer manipulated light refractions in water — is connected to live streaming data of the region’s geomagnetic activity, which influences the speed and color palette of the video. 

The data is provided by the Aurorawatch service and the CARISMA magnetometer network, both of which are operated by the Space Physics group at the University of Alberta. CARISMA is part of the 
“Geospace Observatory” program funded by the Canadian Space Agency.