A Summer Journey | Chicago Botanic Garden, Joutras Gallery


June – September 22nd 2024, Lost and Found at the Chicago Botanic Garden
A Summer Journey is an installation that captures fragments of the landscape we inhabit. The work is an attempt to imagine a time when prairie land occupied two-thirds of the midwestern landscape, when it was expansive and rich in biodiversity, a holistic interconnected ecosystem, with healthy soil, abundant flora and myriads of bees and butterflies. We think of this as a practice of re-finding – reflecting on what was and can be again. 

Acres of Blossoms, 2024
40′ x 8′, Botanical pigments on hardboard, reflective Di-bond panels
An abstracted landscape painting of botanical hues framed by reflective surfaces, creating the illusion of an expansive vista and re-imagining the lost
views across the Midwest.

Extraction is a sculptural mound made of sand and botanicals.
Extraction and construction is an everyday sight that alludes to progress and development– for example, the recent destruction of Bell Bowl Prairie that prioritized transportation needs over the stewardship of land and sustainability. This work is a reminder of the loss of our native landscape.

Prairie Spectrum, 2024
137 x 3′ glass beakers on wall pedestal, botanicals, distilled water
A series of glass beakers that act like a seed bank conserving the color spectrum specific to our midwestern landscape.

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