September 15th – November 3rd 2020 | multiple sites

SOS Color Code a multi-site flag based visual art intervention. The work uses the universal languages of morse code and color theory as a call for humanity and a willingness to help one another. Visualizing morse code into dots and dashes a pattern forms with each flag representing the letters S (three dots) O (three dashes) S (three dots) and color combinations informed by color theory this installation remains an effective visual distress signal, an ambigram that can be read upside down or right side up. Conceptually the work offers a reconsideration of how language, objects and symbols, and even color can help us find stable ground and safety no matter where we are. SOS Color Code was installed in 10 cultural institutions throughout the United States from Sept. 15, 2020 (the International Day of Democracy) through US Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020.

2020 Partner Sites
Cleve Carney Museum of Art
Elmhurst Art Museum
Luftwerk Studio
Mattress Factory
Minnesota Museum of American Art
The National Public Housing Museum
Normal Studio
University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum
Compound Yellow
Comfort Station
Private Residences: Sarah Skaggs, Cortney Lederer, Justin Witte, Deborah Lovely

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