Frequency Chronology | Fosdick-Nelson Gallery


Frequency Chronology, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred University, September 9 – October 9, 2022

The cycle between light and dark, day and night, reveals a daily spectacle of color which has long-inspired scientists and artists, bringing forth a canon of theories about color and perception. Frequency/Chronology is a series of mixed media installations that explore those theories to create an immersive dialogue on color.

Sharon C McConnell
Colette Chermak, Joseph Brady

Die Blühenden Farben: Flowering Colors, 2022
Kinetic sculpture: Aluminum ring 39”, static LED, motor

Landscape of Hues: A Natural Color System, 2022
52 Glass tubes, Botanicals

Chromatic Blur: Newton color disc, 2022
Kinetic sculpture: 7 paintings on aluminum discs, motors, controller

Painted Matter: A Cycle of Pigment, 2022
Pigments, LED

Arc of Munsell Yellow, 2022
Paint, LED



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