ZUVA | Harare, Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture


All Afrika Village, Harare, Zimbabwe

ZUVA is a site-specific sculptural space that merges traditions of healing and architecture with contemporary color and light work. Inspired by traditional African architecture and realized in collaboration with local cultural experts, this permanent structure is built using local materials, labor, and traditional Zimbabwean building techniques. The installation of a 5KW off-grid solar system in the project provides power to the space, the Dzimbanhete Arts and Culture center, and its surrounding community. Embracing the multi-faceted concept of “zuva”meaning both sun and the movement of the sun across the sky is reflected in the interior gradient dome ceiling illuminated via color shifting lights.

Generously supported by
Goethe Zentrum Harare, Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, CTG Collective, and Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture Interactions Trust (DAI)

ZUVA, 2022
Brick, plaster, paint, 5 KW off-grid solar system, LED, 26’ x 10’  x 10’

The CTG Collective is a New York-based non-profit founded in 2015 by Rachel Monosov and Catinca Tabacaru and today is directed together with Raphael Guilbert. The collective produces an international program with iterations in Zimbabwe, Romania, Nigeria, Finland, Serbia, Germany and Canada, that is powered by freedom, love and creativity, cultivating sustainable relationships seeking positive social and environmental impact.

Dzimbanhete Arts & Culture Interactions (DAI Trust) advocates for cultural investment in its mandate to promote the arts, culture, and heritage in Zimbabwe. Through prioritizing heritage preservation and enabling the promotion of indigenous knowledge practices, Dzimbanhete supports the spirit of Pan Africanism and Ubuntu. 

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