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White Wanderer, an intervention of sound and light

Developed from relationships with the Natural Resources Defense Council and a glaciologist at the University of Chicago, this project launched in October 2017 with two iterations: 2 Riverfront Plaza and another at Art Expo Chicago. The immersive installation at 2 Riverside Plaza was comprised of a visual representation at 1:5000 scale of the 120-mile long crack on the side of the building paired with a custom sound recording of the iceberg. Sound recordings of Larsen-C covered the plaza with a prominent frequency; at times the city and iceberg sounds correlate to one another and at other times they are in conflict. The haunting, eerie iceberg sound is animalistic with a depth that connects on a visceral level, stirring curiosity to create awareness and action. The White Wanderer exhibition at EXPO Chicago presented artistic interpretations of the Larsen-C ice shelf, including: a light sculpture mimicking ice flow, prints tracing satellite images of Arctic ice flows, and interpretations of radar readings from ice distress.


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The Week

Elizabeth Corr, Manager of Arts Partnerships with NRDC
Robert Moore, Senior Policy Analyst, Water Program NRDC
Douglas MacAyeal, Glaciologist
Fabricators and Technical Support
Navillus Woodworks, ER2, AV Chicago
Graphic Design
Normal Studio
Videography for Kickstarter
Spirit of Space
EXPO Chicago 2017 & Plaza Project
Support provided by
NRDC and over 240 Kickstarter supporters

Mirrored glass triangles on wood, LED lights, Dimensions variable

Sound track

Vinyl graphic on building facade