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FLOW is a site-specific light installation in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Chicago and Hamburg, Germany, activated in Couch Place Alley, Chicago. Inspired by the element of water and its all encompassing connectivity, FLOW visualizes the characteristics of the cities’ two rivers — the Chicago River and Hamburg’s Elbe. Projected animations based on scientific data about the health of the rivers, such as dissolved oxygen levels and chemical pollution, illuminated a series of water-mist screens, creating a three-dimensional display of light information that people could both watch and walk through.

FLOW is on permanent exhibit at Silent Funny and can be viewed by appointment.


NRDC Switchboard

Program coordinator
Irmi Maunu Kocian
Production support
Tristan Hummel
Project consultant
Elizabeth Corr
Technical support
Liviu Pasare
CF Devices
Peter Tsai
Support provided by
Goethe-Institut Chicago, The Chicago Loop Alliance, and The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

4 channel video installation, 4 water screens 18′ x 12′

Couch Place Alley | Chicago, IL

1 channel video installation, 1 water screen 18′ x 12′

Silent Funny | Chicago, IL 2015