solarise: a sea of all colors

“I was attracted by the immensity of the sea, and in it’s place came the Great Plains of America…. A sea of flowers in all colors of the rainbow.”

— Jens Jensen, Landscape Architect

solarise: a sea of all colors is a celebration of the story, architecture and patrons of Garfield Park Conservatory. Inspired by the groundbreaking and innovative vision of Jens Jensen—the designer of the Conservatory and godfather of naturalistic landscape and conservatory design—Luftwerk’s series of art installations echo Jensen’s sentiment for public interaction with nature, highlighting and elevating the importance nature plays in society and urban planning.

A site-specific response to the Conservatory, solarise is comprised of five dynamic, immersive installations: The Beacon, Portal, Florescence, Seed of Light, and Prismatic. Each artwork invites visitors to interact with color, light, and nature in new perspectives, heightening awareness for the viewer’s natural surroundings, the relevance of Jensen’s visionary landscape, and the architectural and societal significance of the building and its grounds.

Paying homage to the conservatory’s patrons, groundskeepers and Mr. Jensen, himself, power requirements for the entire exhibit are offset through solar panels.

solarise: a sea of all colors is open from September 23rd 2015 through September 22nd 2016, Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago, IL


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