Kalos Eidos Skopeo

October 04

Kalos Eidos Skopeo translated as the observation of beautiful forms, was developed as a temporary, immersive installation. Three primary components of the project included: a custom-designed, geometric printed textile that covered the walls and floor; a multifaceted, mirrored canopy designed as a life-sized kaleidoscope that framed and reflected the printed design; and a series of LED lights that washed the space in a shifting RGB spectrum.

The large-scale fabric print provided the foundation of this installation. Three geometric designs each in a different color—cyan, magenta, and yellow—were layered on top of one another to create a dimensional pattern. Correlating with the RGB spectrum, LED lights washed the installation while shifting through the colors. Each color wash resulted in different interactions with the printed colors making the layers intensify or recede depending on the reaction. With a yellow light wash, for instance, the red lines in the pattern intensified while the yellow lines receded to the background. Color changes shifted the reception of the print, creating a dynamic and immersive environment. The multi-faceted, mirrored canopy was positioned to give the viewer a life-sized kaleidoscope; it fragmented and reflected the pattern, making a continuous, immersive pattern from floor to ceiling. The canopy was echoed in a large-scaled object placed in front of the installation, reflecting the patterned fabric in its dimensional form.

Mixing colored light with printed color and reflective surfaces, Kalos Eidos Skopeo played with the perception of the view. Color shifts in the lights animated the print. This color play was also enhanced and multiplied in the reflective surfaces that activated the entire installation into a continuous and dynamic environment.


April 16

High elevations clouds consist of ice crystals that melt into rains as they descend into lower atmospheres. Taking inspiration from these clouds, Skywall, was created with a suspended half-circle of sixty blocks of ice hovering over a crescent shaped pond that collected water as the ice melted. Each block of ice encapsulated translucent fabric, capturing a video projection of rolling clouds. As the ice melted, it rained upon thin metal discs which activated a sound signal receiver that released melodic tones. Despite the heavy nature of this installation—weighing nine tons—the serene work appeared light due to the material qualities from which it was constructed.