Open Square | Mattress Factory

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Luftwerk’s interest in the relationship between color and light is the driving force behind the creation of Open Square. The installation takes the shape of a square – universal in its simplicity; a pure expression of a spatial idea, complete in itself; a shape that can be turned into triangles or rectangles – as the building block for its layout. Consisting of two interconnected square spaces, each painted in contrasting color patterns and illuminated with color changing light, shift the viewers spatial recognition, giving the illusion of revealing and dissolving spaces. 

Developed throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020, the exhibition reflects on the habitat that defines our everyday experience. The duality of light and dark, cold and warm, the cyclical flow of the installation is a contemplation of the physical experiences of interior space and how our perception can shift through color, light and sound.  Open Square is Factory installed as part of the Mattress Factory Residency Program 2021.

Mattress Factory installed 2021
Hayley Haldeman, Danny Bracken, Josh Ice, Jonathan Chamberlain, Joe Mruk and Greta Wilsterman
Tom Little

Color latex paint

LED lights

Surround sound & subwoofer